Students Take A Virtual Trip To China

Posted on: 29th Sep 2022

In the last weeks of Summer Term, our Year 9 Mandarin students made an exciting virtual trip to China. Partnering with students from 5 universities in China, 4 Chinese schools, and 5 London schools, our Year 9 pupils enjoyed getting a deep dive into Chinese language and culture. As well as lessons offered by a University in Sichuan, our students enjoyed workshops on Lion Dance, traditional Chinese dance and Kungfu – and many other fun activities. Check out the pictures and read our students' views below.

"I really enjoyed the MEP Virtual China Trip and found it very interesting. One of my favourite activities was making a vlog in Chinese about our school. I also really liked learning more about Chinese culture like when we took a virtual tour of a museum and learnt about ancient artefacts. Overall, I think Virtual China was a good way to further our understanding of not only the Chinese language but also the rich culture and history of China."

Student Ava Wood


The virtual trip builds on the success of the first Mandarin Excellence Programme virtual visit to China in 2021. This interactive programme is designed by the British Council and Institute Of Education, UCL's Faculty of Education and Society. It aims to give students a real-life focus on learning Mandarin Chinese, and to foster cultural understanding and mutual appreciation.

"The MEP virtual China trip was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that allowed me and my classmates to communicate with other students our age learning mandarin! My favourite thing was when we made stop motion stories about pandas we had crafted from paper!"

Student Francesca Walton

Through the programme, our students deepen their knowledge of Chinese language and culture – learning themes of panda zoo, sport and modern life, Chinese school, history and cultural heritage. The students also enjoy a virtual tour of the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Xi’an; learn Chinese songs, Chinese martial arts and traditional arts; and host online music and poetry festivals with their Chinese peers.

Our student Francesca sums it up perfectly below!

"Although it was very different from going to china in real life, it was still incredibly enjoyable and I learned a LOT."

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