Year 11 Transition Work for Sixth Form.

Welcome Year 11s! Now you have come to the end of your GCSE courses, we would like you to complete some transition work to prepare for the beginning of your A Level journey. Each subject you have chosen requires you to complete some 'core work' which you will hand into your teachers in September. Additionally, there is work labelled as 'going further' which is work to extend and enhance your knowledge and skills in your chosen A Levels. You should prioritise completing all of the core work, but please aim to complete some of the extension work. The extension work includes tasks that have been carefully thought out to put you in a stronger position as you begin A Levels. 

It goes without saying that this is an unusual year and you have been provided with a lot of time that would usually be occupied by revision and exams. Consider how to best use this time you have been given; complete the work we have set and make sure that you are entirely secure in the GCSE content of the A Levels you have selected.

We wish you the best of luck for results day, and we look forward to seeing you for enrolment.

Sixth Form Transition Work



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