Reading is at the heart of SMMA Primary. 

Our Reading-Statement provides a detailed description of our carefully planned approach to teaching and learning of reading at the school. 

Click here for our guide for parents and carers in supporting reading in Key Stage 2.

The following are some of our planned approaches to promote and support reading in the classroom and beyond.  

Action Details
School library Each pupil visits our well stocked and maintained library once every two weeks.  Here the school librarian or their class teacher will read them an extract from a story and then the children have time to choose a book to take home to read.  
Reading Roadmap

Each year group has a set of books in their classroom with a special reading roadmap sticker on them.  These books have been carefully selected as a booklist for that age group.  Children tick off on their 'map' the different books they have read that year - some even read all of them!

Book corners As well as Reading Roadmap books, book corners in classrooms are stocked with other reading material.  This might have been borrowed from the Islington Library service and be linked to the Unit of Inquiry that half term.
Stories in assembly Our Head of Primary and Deputy Head love to read stories with a message in our assemblies. We usually share at least one book a week as a whole school
World Book Day One day a year, we turn the whole school over to reading.  During this time, we pair pupils up with different classes and students bring in a story to share, teachers visit another class to share a story they love, there is a whole staff reading of a book in assembly and not forgetting to dress up!
Beanstalk Reading Volunteers A fantastic charity Beanstalk send in volunteers who have been trained to support children with their reading.  They are incredibly popular with the children who get to spend half an hour of time together practising their skills.
Author visits Teachers are always on the lookout to bring authors into the school or to go and see them at different events. 
Guided Reading Guided Reading takes place daily in classes. In our younger year, children work in small groups with an adult to read through short texts and answer questions.  In our older classes with our fluent readers, the whole class follows a text together and are engaged in answering questions and learning vocabulary together.  A copy of our current whole class texts can be found here.
Deloitte Book Groups Selected children in Year 5 and 6 take part in a book group which is run by Deloitte.  Volunteers visit the children in school, give them a copy of a text each to read at home and then revisit to discuss what they have learnt.
Class book Staff and children also love to pick up a good book and read together.  This might be at the end of a morning, beginning of the afternoon or the end of the day.  It is a great way to spend time in school.
Book sales Throughout the year, we will often hold book sales in the school playground.  These are opportunities for families to clear out their shelves and get something new.  We also invite a book fair in once a year so that pupils and families have the chance to choose a book together
Local Library We work alongside our local Islington libraries to promote any events happening there. This includes signing up for membership and visiting as a class to find out more. Lots of children take part in the summer holiday reading schemes. 


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