Admissions to Secondary School

Year 7 entry

There are 210 places each year for entry into Year 7.  Please see our Secondary Admissions Policy below for full details.


In short, places are allocated to:

  • Looked-after children
  • Children in our own Primary School
  • Siblings of pupils currently in the secondary school
  • Pupils who score most highly on our Governors’ Places aptitude test.
  • Distance places for those at Islington Church of England Primary Schools (Foundation places) The last 3 years distance cutoffs were:

        2018= 0.79miles, 2019= 0.89miles, 2020= 1.038miles

  • Distance places without any other criteria (Open places) The last 3 years distance cutoffs were:                                                                                      2018= 0.33miles, 2019= 0.36miles, 2020= 0.376miles

Applications for transfer into Year 7 during Year 6 should be made using the Pan London Application Form, available on the London Borough of Islington website.

In-year admissions

For in-year admissions, please follow this link for the application form


If your child has not been offered a place, the law entitles you to appeal to an Independent Appeal Panel against that decision. For more information on the appeals process please see the link below.  If you would like to appeal, please collect a form from our Reception on Liverpool Road.



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