Waving Goodbye To Our Class Of 22

Posted on: 14th Jul 2022

Saying Goodbye To A Brilliant Year At SMMA.

It's the last week of our school year, and what a year it has been! After the limitations of the previous two years, we've seen a wonderful return to normal school life, with a full building and a super-busy programme of extra activities. Our sports teams have delighted us with their efforts and successes. Our music and drama students have wowed us with their wonderful performances. And all our students have impressed with their focus and positivity. And in our final week of term, students are out in London enjoying Activities Week and work experience.

Last week, we waved a fond goodbye to our Class of 22, as Year 11 sailed into the sunset on a luxury cruise along the River Thames for their well-deserved Leavers' Ball. This year group have been an inspiration to us all. We wish them the very best luck in their results, and we wish all our community a happy and peaceful summer.

See the Leavers' Ball pictures below. 

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