SMMA Mathematics KIRFS

We are really keen to build up automatic recall of key maths facts.  Knowing certain facts off by heart without having to spend too long having to work out quick calculations allows children the freedom to problem solve more easily.  In our curriculum, we have embedded these Key Instant Recall Facts which we call KIRFs into each half term of each year group from Year 1 to Year 6.  These build on one another and link to the expectations of each year group.  We send these home each half term with examples of what this looks like and places where you might get extra support in practicing.  Practicing at home really makes a difference to your child's confidence and can be a lot of fun! 

An overview of the KIRFS for each year group are here


Below you can download the detailed KIRFS for each year group which contain examples like this one to help support your practice at home

KIRF example


Page Downloads Date  
KIRFs Year 1.pdf 25th Sep 2018 Download
KIRFs Year 2.pdf 25th Sep 2018 Download
KIRFs Year 3.pdf 25th Sep 2018 Download
KIRFs Year 4.pdf 25th Sep 2018 Download
KIRFs Year 5.pdf 25th Sep 2018 Download
KIRFs Year 6.pdf 25th Sep 2018 Download
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