What is a curriculum?

What societies envisage as important teaching and learning constitutes the  "intended" curriculum. Since it is usually presented in official documents, it may be also called the "written" curriculum.  Many of the sub-pages of this section of the website refer to the "written" curriculum implemented at our school.

However, at classroom level this intended curriculum may be altered through a range of complex classroom interactions, and what is actually delivered can be considered the "implemented" curriculum.

What learners really learn (i.e. what can be assessed and can be demonstrated as learning outcomes/learner competencies) constitutes the "achieved" or "learnt" curriculum.

In addition, curriculum can also refer to a "hidden" curriculum the development of personal values and beliefs of learners, teachers and communities which are less tangible to assess and may be as part of the unexpected impact of a curriculum or unforeseen aspects of a learning process.

In developing our curriculum at SMMA, governors and staff have taken into consideration our ethos and values, our desire to develop globally minded citizens and our mission that all attending our school will be happy and successful.  Take a look through the following curriculum pages to get a sense of the curriculum on offer at SMMA.

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