The Primary School aims to provide an extensive coverage of the curriculum through a trans-disciplinary model of learning, with emphasis on student-led inquiry across subject areas.

From Reception Class through to Year 6 the children learn through units of inquiry under the six transdisciplinary themes of:

Sharing the planet
How we express ourselves
Who we are
Where we are in time and place
How the world works
How we organise ourselves

Each year has six units of inquiry that cover each of the transdisciplinary themes except in Reception Class where there are four units of inquiry. See our Programme of Inquiry timetable for 2016-17.

Within our daily curriculum there is a strong emphasis on basic skills and the learning of reading, writing and mathematics.

At St Mary Magdalene Academy, we deliver phonics lessons through the Sounds Write programme. Read more here.

In Reception Class, alongside their units of inquiry, the children also work towards meeting and exceeding the Early Learning Goals from the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

In Years 1 to 6 we use the National Curriculum to guide much of the content within each unit of inquiry. In this way, all subject areas are included across each academic year, but the children are given greater opportunity to extend their learning beyond the National Curriculum expectations. This trans-disciplinary approach makes it possible for the children to express and develop their understanding of a idea or concept through art, literature, mathematics, humanities, science and ICT.

As a Church of England Academy we follow the LDBS scheme of work for RE with children learning both about religion and from religion. Religions studied include Christianity and other faiths.

From Year 1 all children learn an additional modern foreign language – Spanish or Mandarin – and these are taught by language specialists.

Music is taught by a music specialist every week in all classes.

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