Year 7 Students Are Excited To Visit The Globe Theatre

Posted on: 7th Oct 2021

Year 7 Are Excited To Visit The Globe.

A group of SMMA Year 7 pupils were delighted to visit the Globe Theatre last week, where they enjoyed a lively performance of A Midsummer Night's Dream.

It's a real joy to have a full programme of school trips again this term after all the recent restrictions, and our students were clearly thrilled by their experience. Their enthusiasm was a wonderful match for the colourful and riotous performance on stage. 

Year 7 pupil Sublime says ’I enjoyed how it was a complicated love story and I loved the fake blood scene. It was really funny!‘ Simren says, ‘It was exciting and engaging, with a fun and vibrant atmosphere - almost like a modern version!’ 

Leo agrees, ‘It was very funny and entertaining. My favourite character was the wall in Pyramus and Thisbe!’ And Rafi sums it up, saying ‘The acting was amazing and they were all so funny!’

We have lots more great theatre trips and other visits taking place this term, and you can see more pictures from Year 7's trip on our Facebook page here.

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