Looking Forward To Our Spring Concert.

Posted on: 11th Feb 2021

Music concerts are always high points in our school year, and our talented young music students are currently busy rehearsing for the Spring Concert next month. For this upcoming treat, they're preparing 5 pieces which will be played individually at home, then mixed together by our Music Department to create a unique online concert.

In the meantime, we'd like to offer you a fresh chance to see and hear some of our musicians' recent recordings. 

The Winter Concert video below includes students from all years in an array of performances by the Advanced Band, Intermediate Orchestra, Advanced Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Intermediate Quartet, Advanced Quartet, Choir, Graceland Band and The All Stars. Many of these were from our Christmas concert, and although we missed the pleasure of watching them play live in the inspiring surroundings of Union Chapel, our musicians were undaunted and played their pieces beautifully. Pieces performed range from Beach Boys to Bob Marley, from Amadeus Mozart to Aaron Copland. And with a fun added performance of 'All Star', there's really something for everyone to enjoy. 

Watch it now on the link below!

And in the pieces below, you can hear some brilliant examples of our students playing their music at home, before our team mix them into a single piece. 

If you enjoyed these, then we hope you'll watch out for our upcoming Spring Concert!

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