Year 3 Steve McQueen Tate Britain exhibition

Posted on: 11th Dec 2019

This week, pupils, now in Year 4 took a trip to Tate Britain to se the outcome of their involvement in a recent London wide art exhibtion by British artist, film director and screenwriter Steven McQueen.  McQueen invited every Year 3 pupil in London to have their photograph taken by a team of specially trained Tate photographers. They included children from state primaries, independent schools, faith schools, special schools, pupil referral units and home-educated pupils.

These class photos are brought together into a single large-scale installation, capturing tens of thousands of Year 3 pupils in a milestone year in their development.

There’s an urgency to reflect on who we are and our have a visual reflection on the people who make this city work. I think it’s important and in some ways urgent.
Steve McQueen

Pupils visited the exhibition to see their portrait in place and to take part in connected activities.  As their Unit of Inquiry is closely related, they also took the opportunity to visit the Turner Gallery - many of the children are researching his life and work in class at the moment. 


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