Year 10 mean business!

Posted on: 12th Jul 2018

Our Year 10 business students recently took on a big challenge. Working in teams, they competed to make the biggest profit from a £10 investment.

The challenge put all their business skills into practise: they planned a group name and brand identity, bought ingredients or products to sell, set their pricing structure, and negotiated an optimum pitch in the Forum or playground for a pop-up shop.

Friday 29 June was sales day! At 3.30, the Forum and playground were buzzing with hungry students all looking for an affordable treat. And there were plenty on offer: fresh fruit smoothies and homemade lemonade, brownies and cupcakes, strawberry and marshmallow kebabs (with an impressive chocolate fountain), waffles with a range of sauces, slushies, ice cream and much more.

All the students worked hard and the event made an impressive gross revenue of £225 – of which £105 was profit. The school charity MSF will receive 50% of this, while the other 50% will fund a treat for the winning team.

Congratulations to our enterprising winners, whose milkshake stall – cleverly located in a prime position next to the General Office – took a cracking £38.86!

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