Happy Year Of The Dragon!

Posted on: 22nd Feb 2024

Chinese New Year fell in half-term this year, but our Mandarin students still had lots of opportunities to celebrate!

In school before half term, our students enjoyed a visit from the lion dancer – said to bring good luck and fortune – accompanied by traditional Chinese musicians. Meanwhile our Year 7 MEP students were certainly fortunate to enjoy a special New Year Reunion Lunch in Chinatown, and a visit to the Chinese galleries of the British Museum. 

Year 7 student Sophia Gheorghe says, ‘Once we arrived at the Ancient China section of the British Museum, we were sent off in pairs to explore and to read about ancient history. There was a range of artifacts to look at, and some of my personal favorites were the ceramics as they showed how sophisticated and developed the Chinese civilization was from the early ages! Overall as someone who is learning Mandarin, I think it was a really lovely educational experience that really showed the beauty and advancement of China through their amazing inventions that were ahead of their time.‘

Student Karl Linthicum adds, ‘Our Chinatown trip was really fun. One of the best things was the food, it was delicious and authentic. It was one of the greatest food experience of my life!’

You can see more photos from Chinese New Year in the gallery below, and on our Facebook page here.

And click on the image below to watch our students taking part in a Mandarin Excellence Programme video!

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