SMMA Reading Roadmap

What is the Reading Road Map?

  • The Reading Road Map is a reading initiative that we are using within both KS1 and KS2 at St Mary Magdalene Academy and has been created using the Islington Library Service list of suggested texts for each age group.
  • Its main aims are to allow children to discover a wide variety of new and exciting book titles and authors, as well as creating and nurturing a love for reading.

How can it be used?

  • Children can start reading whichever book they choose. The main purpose of the scheme is to allow children to find new books that they might enjoy, and possibly new genres they have never tried or encountered before.
  • Within KS1, the idea revolves around parental engagement and children enthusiastically sharing and discussing books and stories at home. Some books children will be able to read and engage with independently, however, many will rely upon someone at home reading the story to the child.
  • Once a child has read a book, they can get it ticked off on their checklist.
  • For every certain amount of books read the children will be given a certificate.
  • While it would be fantastic for children to read as many books as they can, the aim is to encourage them to enjoy reading and finding new books they want to read.
  • The books in each year group are spread across a range of reading abilities and as children become stronger readers over the course of the year, they will be able to access more and more of the books on the list. The more challenging books are marked with * after the title.


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