What our Students Say & Student Voice

Student Voice is an important part of the ethos of SMMA, we have an active and very visible Student Senate which meets on three-week alternating cycle with one meeting being the Senate in Curio. The full Senate is comprised of 3 Senators from each of the “Curio” Year groups of Year 7-10 and the four Senior Students who are the Head Boy and Head Girl and their Deputies.

The College of Prefects and Sixth Form Student Union also present opportunities for students in the Academy to have input into the running of the Academy.

Pupils submit applications to be considered for these roles and an election is often held as a tie-breaker event. This is a great opportunity for pupils to see democracy in action.

The Student Senators present their “legislative agenda” to their year groups at the start of their terms of office and wear ties of office to enable their peers to locate them to raise concerns or motions to be debated.

The Student Senators also enact and lead on clubs and committees as suggested by their peers. This Academic year, the Senate has moved to maintain the following clubs:

  1. The School Newspaper Society
  2. The Diversity and Culture Society
  3. The Contemporary Music Club
  4. The Debate and Philosophy Society
  5. The Swimming Club
  6. The Culinary Club

The members of the Senate for the Academic Year 2021-22 are pictured below;

PXL 20220113 153256081.MP (1)

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